Combine Main Screen Overview

To return to a previous screen select the Fieldstar_Screen Layout_8 icon (1) on the bottom, right-hand side of the screen.
Every screen shows eight message and alarm areas (2) along the bottom of the screen. When an alarm or message appears, the icon can be selected for more information.
NOTE: Icons will also appear in the message and alarm area when certain components or systems are activated.

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_1


Fieldstar_Screen Layout_2

Combine Menu Icons

Press the icon on the touch screen (1) to select any of the following functions.

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_3 Working main screen

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_4Header main screen

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_5 Combine main screen

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_6Engine main screen

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_7Miscellaneous main screen

Confirmation Icons 

Use the icon on the touch screen to select any of the following functions:

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_8Return to previous screen

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_9YES, OK, or DONE user response

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_10NO or CANCEL user response


Combine Main Menu

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_11

Go to the Combine main menu by using the touch screen to select the Fieldstar_Screen Layout_5 icon (1).

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_12

The following menus are accessed through the Combine main menu:

image001 Temperature and moisture

image003 Grain tank (if equipped)

image005 Yield

image007 Rotor

image009 Concave

image011 Feeder conveyor

image013 Discharge

image015 Cleaning shoe

image017 Automatic settings

image019 Grain loss

image021 Shafts

image023 Harvesting data

image025 Tailings Monitor

Press  any  of  the  icons  or  boxes  to  access  the corresponding menu.



Fieldstar_Screen Layout_13

Press  the image001 icon  (1)  to  access  the Temperature/Moisture page.

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_14

The Temperature/Moisture page allows the operator to adjust the moisture and temperature offsets, the moisture alarm, and the moisture dry yield reference.
The following values affect the actual moisture calculation:
• crop type – selected in the automatic settings menu
• moisture offset
• crop temperature
The Moisture reading is the moisture percentage of the crop harvested.
The moisture offset is the difference between the combine results and that of a reliable reference moisture tester. If the actual Moisture reading (1) is different from the reading of reference moisture tester, increase or decrease the Moisture offset (2). For example, if the combine is reading 0.8 higher than the tester, decrease the Moisture offset by 0.8.
Toggle the moisture alarm on and off by selecting the OFF/ON box (3)
When Generate moisture alarm is ON, the operator will be alerted if the desired moisture of the crop exceeds the predetermined amount.
Moisture dry yield reference is used to calculate the dry grain which is displayed on the harvesting data screen. Moisture dry yield reference gives an estimate of what crop yield will be at a certain moisture. If entering a new Moisture dry yield reference, that value is a reference only and does not take into account any shrinkage.
Crop temperature is used when calculating moisture. Crop temperature is displayed and can be adjusted using the crop temperature offset.
NOTE: When crop temperature is above 26.6 degrees C (80 degrees F) moisture content is decreased. When the crop temperature is below 26.6 degrees C (80 degrees F) moisture content is decreased.
To increase or decrease the Moisture offset, Moisture alarm value, Moisture dry yield reference, or Crop temperature offset use the increase or decrease arrows on either side of the value.

Yield calibration must be done occasionally to ensure accurate data. Generally the calibration must be done at first use, starting a new crop, or starting a new field. It is important to do the calibration at the beginning of a field to ensure consistent data over a field. The calibration involves harvesting a load of grain to reference as the correct weight.

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_15

Press the image005  icon (1) to access the Yield page.

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_16

Yield calculation factor (1) is used for the capacity calculation.
NOTE: The yield calculation factor must be between 100 to 150. If the yield calculation factor is higher or lower, then the yield sensor must be inspected.
The test weight (2) of the grain is entered in Yield page. Use either the standard test weight for the grain or the actual measured test weight.
Measured Grain (3) is displayed when yield calibration starts. If the yield calibration is running, the actual value of the capacity will be added to the measured grain.
Lead time, lag time, and yield delay are transmitted to the Task Controller:
• Lead time – press the box (4) and enter the number of seconds it takes for the combine to start recording yield when first entering a row.
• Lag time – press the box (5) and enter the time from when the cutterbar leaves the crop at the end of a row to when the yield recorded is minimal. To calculate lag time, use a stopwatch or a watch with seconds.
• Yield delay – press the box (6) and enter the amount of time it takes the crop to be cut by the header, move through the processor, and be recorded by the yield sensor.
Use a stopwatch or watch with seconds to determine yield delay. Start timing when the cutterbar enters the crop. Proceed to a normal operating speed as quickly as possible, then stop timing once the combine begins to register a yield. This will produce a more accurate yield map. Without this value, the yield recorded will be slightly shifted from the true value.


Harvesting Data

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_17

Press the Harvesting data box (1) to access the Harvesting data page.

The Harvesting data screen displays Accumulated data for the combine, the current field, and two additional counters.
Each counter shows the following information:

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_19 Hours

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_20 Area

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_21 Bushels

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_22 Counter Activation

Fieldstar_Screen Layout_23   Average Yield Displayed on Working Screen

A more detailed view of each of the counters can be viewed by pressing white box (1) over the desired counter.
Counter 1 and Counter 2 can be activated, deactivated, or reset from the counter screen. The Field counter is always active and can only be reset.
To activate or deactivate the counter, press the box (2). If the counter is activated a will Fieldstar_Screen Layout_9 appear in the white box next to the active icon.
NOTE: Accumulated data for the combine is always activated and can not be deactivated.
When the white box (3) next to Average Yield is selected the counter will be displayed in the Yield Function area on the Working screen. If the average box is selected a Fieldstar_Screen Layout_9 will appear in the white box. Only one counter can be displayed on the Working Screen at a time.

NOTE: When average moved from a counter to another, the counter will remain active.