The GSI Vision® dryer control system features a wide array of settings that offers unparalleled options and control.

Vision Control Features:

  • 10.4” TFT Diagonal color screen (Touch Screen Control)
  • No moving parts (timers, time delays, thermostats)
  • 32 Bit Microprocessor Control
  • Each Safety monitored individually and its status displayed on screen
  • All shut-downs logged with time and date
  • Remote mounted control box requires just a simple seven wire harness
  • Load and Unload Auxiliary Contactors and Overloads on every dryer
  • Safety Disconnect on every dryer
  • Low voltage safety circuit
  • USB Flash Drive to transfer data to personal computer

Moisture Control Features:

  • Every dryer with GSI Vision is equipped with five different modes of moisture control to fit your operation’s needs
  • Integrated into main control of dryer
  • Static Moisture Sampler – provides clean and accurate moisture sample for seamless moisture operation
  • Graphing and time stamping
  • Software updates are available at and easy to install with a removable USB storage device

More Information:

Subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.