Raven Viper® 4

Raven Viper<sup>®</sup> 4 for AGCO sprayersImprove yields and maximize your return on investment by putting the right product in the right place, at the right time, and in the right amounts with Raven Viper® 4. Designed to work with equipment of any brand, the Viper 4 is easy to use, requiring fewer touches and providing greater efficiency.

It’s a highly advanced field computer with intuitive controls, improved ease of use and extraordinary data management capabilities.The Viper 4 field computer can be teamed with Slingshot® FieldHub to wirelessly transfer application prescription maps and application totals to the office, thus streamlining task and file management.

NOTE: Availability and features of this product are subject to brand and regional availability. Visit your local brand website or contact your local dealer for more information.