FieldStar® Live

FieldStar® Live yield monitoring for Gleaner combines helps protect your profit by offering maximum visibility into the quality of your yield. With significantly increased accuracy and real-time results, the all-new FieldStar Live system allows the operator to view live yield maps to see the progress of the season’s crop and immediately gauge the season’s success without having to wait for post processing. Moisture maps can be pulled up in real-time to show moisture percentages and map out moisture pockets in the field – beneficial for later post-harvest correction action or informed machine management decisions to maintain optimized combine settings.

FieldStar Live features integrated systems that give you the power to make more informed decisions for your yield visibility:

  • Enhanced visibility into your yield via live maps that display real-time yield and moisture results instantaneously in the terminal
  • Streamlined operation on the new, fully integrated AGCO Tyton™ terminal
  • Data logging and documentation to utilize as-applied data for better decision making in future seasons, and assists with any possible regulatory record keeping.
    • Compatible with TaskDoc® to document and transfer task data (work orders and work records) between the machine and back office via USB. (Future TaskDoc Pro model years will wirelessly transfer task data without the need for USB drives, making for more reliable and consistent data transfer.)
    • Compatible with AgCommand® to wirelessly record and log machine data for easy asset management and record keeping

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Subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.