Unify disparate farm data so you can store, share and profit

Farmobile logoFarmers harvest more than crops – they harvest data too. AGCO® and strategic partner Farmobile offer advanced insights to optimize field and farm, including mixed fleet data visualization, universal file transfer and storage for streamlined agronomic and machine data management. More insights yield greater productivity across the entire farming operation.


Mixed fleetConnect the mixed fleet
No need to worry about systems that don’t readily talk to each other; Farmobile technology is brand neutral and supports a mixed-fleet. The technology is compatible on most machinery built in the last 10 years — some going all the way back to 2002.


Share with trusted advisors
An EFR — or Electronic Field Record — includes your field-by-field agronomic data, year after year. If your machine has sensors to generate the data, PUC captures it passively and automatically organizes your information inside field boundaries.


Harness the power of data
For an entirely new revenue stream, farmers can license data via the Farmobile Data Store — an open, online marketplace.*

(*Visit for program requirements.)


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