AgCommand® App Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup a new machine in the AgCommand App?
I selected a machine and all the rest disappeared. How do I see all my machines again?
How do I get directions to my machine?
How can I create a History report?
How can I easily set a date and time range for a history report?
How can I tell what the weather is like at my machine location?
When I select the clear data button on the History results screen, my machines are not deselected, how do I clear my machine selections?
How do I change the map view?
In the Alarm view, what changes when I select Status, Machine, and Date?
How do I change date format and other regional settings?
Why isn't my History report showing all the data from the specified date range?
When I run a History or Report, AgCommand fails to return a result, and an error message is displayed.
I have questions about purchasing AgCommand for my fleet, where can I find out more information?
I am experiencing issues with the AgCommand App, where can I get help?
I am having issues with my AgCommand system, where can I get help?



If your question is not answered here in this FAQ, your system or device may require a more technical review. Please contact your nearest Authorized Dealer.

You can also contact the Fuse Contact Center via Live Chat or by phone. Click here for a list of available numbers.