Mounting Bias Calibration

Auto Steer Setup screen

System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_FIG 6

1. Select System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_Icon to enter the Mounting Bias Calibration screen

Mounting Bias Calibration

System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_FIG 7

2. Follow the on-screen prompts to perform the mounting bias calibration

3. Select the Map Toggle icon to view the virtual map while performing your calibration

Set A Point

System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_FIG 8

4. The software will prompt you to set your A point.

5. Once you have set the A point begin driving in a straight line at no faster than 2km/h

NOTICE: The speed of your vehicle must not exceed 2km/h when performing the mounting bias calibration. If this speed is exceeded, your calibration will be unsuccessful and you will need to restart the calibration process.

B Point appears after 70m

System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_FIG 9

6. Drive approximately 70m and your B point will be set automatically

Perform keyhole turn

System150 GX-45_Mounting Bias_FIG 10

7. You will be prompted to perform a keyhole turn back to B

8. After performing the keyhole turn, engage auto-steering drive back to point A

NOTICE: Ensure that Auto-Steering is engaged when driving between the A and B points. Your vehicle must steer along the line accurately for the mounting bias calibration to be performed successfully.

Upon reaching point A, you may be prompted to perform another keyhole turn and drive back to point B. Continue following the on screen prompts until your calibration progress reaches 100%.