Use of Marked Tramlines

If you are seeding using your VarioGuide system it makes absolute sense to mark the tramlines of the field. With the help of the marking tool explained here you can begin to drill the tramlines, while the non-tramlines are drilled afterwards, This will make your fieldwork easier and make you more relaxed. For use of this function it is necessary to have the VarioGuide-system ready to use (boundary and wayline are already present, VarioGuide switch on standby, implement with its’ dimensions is present.)

  1. In order to set up the marked tramlines, go to the mapping-screen in the Varioterminal. Turn the mapping screen to full screen mode.
  2. If not already present select the “conventional” or “classic” screen layout.
  3. Push the layout button and select “conventional” mode.
  4. Afterwards, push the button for worked area settings.
  5. Change the option “Colour change mode” to “Auto.”
  6. You will now have two settings to apply. First you have to change the number for “Number of regular coloured waylines between two waylines in contrast colour.” This number represents the number of “regular” waylines between two tramlines. Example: if you are working with a 3m drill and your field sprayer is 27m you will have to drive 9 passes for every one marked tramline.
    1. Please note: In order to reach 27m adjust this value to 8, because the first and the last row are counted with half of its value. Adjust the number using the scroll wheel of the terminal.
  7. Afterwards select the number of the starting line using the function “Start contrast colour with wayline number.”
    1. Please note that the wayline number “0” is also counted! In our example the first tramline would be after 5 seeded passes – meaning that the number entered here has to be “4.”
    2. Please also note that the starting line can be at a different point, in case you are not starting the field with line number “0”. You can find the actual wayline number by touching the “ok” Checkbox.
  8. Afterwards, push the key with the vehicle on the wayline.
  9. The number of the wayline being used will now be displayed.
  10. You can see the waylines by moving into the field, or by zooming to the whole field area. Please note that the VarioGuide-system has to be in standby mode!
  11. Press the “whole field” button in order to see all waylines.
    1. Please note that it is necessary to have recorded a field-boundary and a wayline first.
  12. You’ll now see the waylines which are regular (=brown color) and which are tram lines (=yellow).

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