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AGCO participates in Ag Data Privacy and Security Coalition working group

AGCO Corporation participated in an industry-wide working group organized by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) in Q1, 2015. The initial meeting of the working group, held in 2014, developed and published principles (Privacy and Security Principles for Farm Data) that each participating company or organization committed to abide by in an effort to address growers’ concerns about who can access and use the rapidly expanding data generated by their operations. AGCO has since joined the ranks of leading companies and associations supporting the established privacy and security principles surrounding farm data.

The goal of the data principles is to ensure that as new technology on agricultural machinery generates valuable data, growers are educated not only on how the technology works, but also who has access to the data and what they do with it. Educating end users on key points to look for in End User License Agreements (EULA) will be a key focus of the working group.

The coalition has developed a wide range of topics for consideration and discussion before growers should feel confident sharing their operation’s data with any service providers. These include ownership, collection and access of farm data as well as third-party usage, transparency and liability considerations. The full list of principles may be found here:

AGCO understands machine data and agronomic data is valuable. As part of Fuse® Technologies, AGCO’s connected strategy; we connect machines, dealers, customers and service providers, while respecting growers’ data privacy. Through Fuse, two distinct pipelines of data are available: machine data and agronomic data. Through either channel all data generated during a grower’s operation belongs to the grower. In addition AGCO does not store task data other than to facilitate the transfer to trusted partners and service providers of the grower’s choice. Any machine data shared is used to enable optimization and other services to help growers, as well as for product enhancement and reliability improvements.

Additional information regarding the announcement of the new collation may be found here:

For more information about AGCO’s data privacy policy, click here.