Building off of one of the most reliable and accurate systems in the market (Falcon), AgControlTM is the next generation of Rate and Section Control from AGCO. With AgControl, you can turn the art of farming into the science of farming by putting the right product in the right place, at the right time, and in the right amounts. Reduce input costs, improve yields and maximize your return on investment.

AgControl with Section Control is an integrated system that precisely controls the amount of chemical or fertilizer applied by the RoGator RG700, helping you maximize the results from every square inch of your fields.

  • Manually vary seed and chemical rate across a field so each area gets the proper amount of inputs, minimizing waste and maximizing yield
  • Section control automatically turns rows or boom sections on and off, eliminating overlap and saving money
  • Create detailed as-applied or as-planted maps to keep records of what was done in each area of the field to aid in future decision making and comply with record keeping regulations
  • Compatible with Auto-Guide 3000 and NORAC boom height control
  • Ease of use: simple user interface integrated into machine’s monitor for single rate control and machine terminal for up to 24 section control
  • Compliance: as applied data logged in ISOXML file through task controller


NOTE: Availability and features of this product are subject to brand and regional availability. Visit your local brand website or contact your local dealer for more information.