Become an AGCO Development Partner

As part of AGCO’s open approach to precision farming, the AgCommand API* tool enables growers to hagcommand apiarness the power of their AGCO machine data, and leverage industry partners to help them increase efficiency in their farming operations.

Developers of Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS) and other farm, fleet and asset management software, including web dashboards and mobile applications, will find that AgCommand data can be used to provide insights and facilitate better decision making. The API provides actionable information by making machine data such as fuel usage, engine RPM and other performance and logistical data available to be combined and analyzed by the tools growers choose to use.

Case Study: Trimble’s Connected Farm TM Solution
Our first AgCommand API partnership enabled AgCommand machine data to display within Trimble’s Connected Farm dashboard. This integration streamlines customers’ access to their farm data for efficient, total farm management, simplifying growers’ ability to access and act on live information from multiple sources within a single, web browser-based user interface. Click here for details.

To explore current availability, interested developers should email with your inquiries.

*Application Programming Interface