Data Privacy

AGCO acknowledges that all equipment and crop data generated during a grower’s operation belongs to the grower.

AGCO continually seeks to develop new products, services and solutions to improve farming efficiency and performance. A rapidly growing area of technology is remote connectivity, with solutions integrated into AGCO products that communicate equipment performance information and wirelessly send agronomic (task) information from the field to the office and from the office to the field. Currently, AGCO customers have the option of using VarioDoc / TaskDoc® or AgCommand® technologies to wirelessly transfer information.

AgCommand® – AGCO’s AgCommand telemetry solution captures and wirelessly transfers equipment status, location and performance data to a server where it is stored for future use by customers, dealers, and AGCO to support value added services to assist with equipment health and performance monitoring in order to keep the customer optimally running on the farm or in the field.

Data Privacy
The ability to access and use equipment performance data collected and stored from these technologies is fundamental to AGCO’s ability to improve equipment performance and for the development of new products and services.

AGCO respects the customer’s right to both the confidentiality and privacy of their data. As a result, AGCO gives its customers the right to choose to share equipment performance data with AGCO, its affiliated companies, its business partners, and vendors and for the purpose described above and including, for the purpose of monitoring machine health, providing services and on-going product support.

AGCO makes this request to its customer in an open and transparent manner and as part of the customer’s engagement process with AGCO. Where the data comprises any personal information of the customer, AGCO will in the case of the customer’s equipment performance data, anonymize and aggregate such data for product improvement and trend analysis purposes and/or process such personal information only to the extent that it is necessary to do so and in accordance with the requirements of applicable privacy laws.

Data Security, Access & Transfer
In addition to the data transfer protocols described above, AGCO stores equipment performance data on secure servers and customers are given password controlled access to review their data at any time. Customers may also request AGCO to make changes to their data if there are inaccuracies and/or, if they wish to do so, advise AGCO that they no longer want AGCO to use their data for the described purpose.

Where AGCO processes equipment performance data outside of the customer’s country of residence it will do so only with the customer’s prior express consent and then only for the purposes made known to the customer as described in the license agreement.

Data is valuable, and as part of AGCO’s Fuse™ Technologies, it is our commitment to help growers and producers manage their data easily, and securely.

Fuse Technologies—AGCO’s connected strategy—brings a promise to connect our machines, our dealers, our customers, and their service providers together like never before. It is a commitment to our customers to provide solutions that optimize, coordinate, and seamlessly connect their operation across all stages of the farming life cycle, because in the end, it’s about enabling our customer’s seed to grow, year after year.

VarioDoc / TaskDoc® – AGCO’s task management solution for wireless transfer of crop data in the form of work orders and work records.

  1. Work Order – Is crop specific and is created at a spatially specific field level by a consultant or service provider. It is a task created by someone with authority that identifies “This is what we are going to do.”
  2. Work Records – Is crop specific and is created at a spatially specific field level by a machine, consultant, or service provider. It is a record that identifies “This is what we did.”

AGCO utilizes a task exchange server that works as a “bridge” for the customer’s task data—it enables the customer to securely move their data from one location to another, leaving no traces or copies of the data in between. Once sent from the equipment the customer may download their data into a preferred Farm Management Information Software (FMIS). Likewise, the customer is also able to wirelessly send data from his or her office back to their equipment

AGCO makes a commitment to not collect, store, view or use any of the data that passes through this exchange server.

AGCO adheres to the ISOXML standard for task data transfer which allows for compatibility with multiple FMIS providers. For AGCO customers who use VarioDoc or TaskDoc, the option exists to use one of the listed FMIS providers that can be found at:

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This statement is issued by AGCO Corporation a Delaware corporation with its headquarters at 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30096, United States.