AGCO’s GNSS Correction Services Offering

Following the Fuse open approach, AGCO partners with companies such as Topcon, Trimble and NovAtel to provide customers with global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receivers and GNSS correction services.


Providing submeter, decimeter and centimeter accuracy levels, these three companies offer solutions to AGCO customers that work on a global level, and meet different customers’ needs based on their specific growing operations.

Current GNSS receivers offered by AGCO:

Auto-Guide™ 3000: GNSS receiver (Topcon)
Auto-Guide™, VarioGuide: AG-382 GNSS receiver (Trimble)
Auto-Guide™, VarioGuide: Smart 6-L GNSS receiver (NovAtel)


To learn more about AGCO’s GNSS offering for your equipment in your region, contact your AGCO dealer.