Fuse® Connected Services

Maximize Productivity, Increase Uptime, Improve Efficiency

The agriculture technology market is changing; there is a movement from aftermarket to factory integrated solutions that better suit customers’ needs. Farmers are looking for complete solutions from a single source. Fuse® Connected Services is designed to help farmers improve overall farm efficiency; it’s not just about upfront machine costs, it’s about total cost of ownership and cost per acre.

Fuse Connected Services utilizes Fuse technology to enable customers to receive equipment and operational support from their AGCO dealer to improve efficiency, increase productivity and optimize farming operations season-to-season, throughout the crop cycle.

Fuse Connected Services will improve productivity and increase yields through a combination of technology products and dealer services including off-season inspections, preventative maintenance, condition monitoring, training and year-round support. These services will increase productivity through optimization and uptime.

Fuse Connected Services Levels
Get the support you need, when you need it, with the flexibility of different levels of dealer engagement, ensuring maximum productivity for your operation.

Level 1: Access & Insight

Make informed decisions using information generated from AGCO and/or non-AGCO equipment, while proactively managing equipment through automated reports and condition monitoring.
Level one puts you in control.

Level 2: Consult & Monitor

Rely on the expertise of a dedicated dealer analyst to monitor equipment, inform you of potential issues and provide recommendations for operational improvement.
Level two adds hands-on support from your dealer, so you can focus on your business.

Level 3: Partnership

Let your dealer handle scheduling periodic maintenance and predict failure risks based on manufacturers’ recommendations, so your needs can be addressed at your convenience, minimizing disruption to operations.
Level three takes all the guesswork out.


Contact your local dealer for more information on when Fuse Connected Services will be available in your area.