Pioneering the Open Approach

Fuse allows farmers freedom and flexibility in their choices of machinery, farm management and agronomy software, and service providers – enabling growers to enjoy the freedom and convenience to continue working with trusted local business partners. The list of Fuse partners is constantly growing and evolving to meet our customers’ needs, and includes:

  • API connections
  • Joint development partners, such as Trimble, Topcon, Raven, IAS, etc.
  • Strategic alliances and data collaborations, such as Farm Facts, Farm Works, Agrocom, etc.

Industry Leadership for Data Standards

  • AGCO is committed to a secure, open data interface that meets the industry’s data standards requirements through leadership and active participation in organizations such as the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) and AgGateway.
  • AGCO adheres to ISOBUS and ISOXML standards. This means greater flexibility for farmers to use a wide variety of preferred implements and Farm Management Information System (FMIS) software such as Farm Works, Land-Data and others.

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