Display Settings - Language, Units, Time/Date Format

Units and Time Settings

Select System150-DisplaySettings001 to access the Units and Time Settings screen.


Figure 6-25: Units and Time Settings Screen

Refer Appendix A, Page A-9 for instructions on using the Numerical Keypad.


1. Select System150-DisplaySettings005 to set the hour.

2. Select System150-DisplaySettings007to set the minutes.

3. Select System150-DisplaySettings009to switch between am and pm.

4. Select System150-DisplaySettings011to switch between Metric and Imperial units.

5. Select System150-DisplaySettings013to switch between 12-hour clock display and 24-hour clock display.

6. Select System150-DisplaySettings015 to switch between day/month/year date display and month/day/year date display.

7. Select Std/DMS to switch between Standard and DMS.

8/ Select System150-DisplaySettings017 to accept the changes.


Select Language

Select System150-DisplaySettings019 to access the Select Language screen (figure 6-23).

This screen allows you to select the language that will be applied to all text in the console.


Figure 6-26: Select Language Screen

1. Select on the up and down arrows System150-DisplaySettings025 to highlight the language you want to select.
2. Select System150-DisplaySettings026 to cancel your selection and return to the Guidance Setup screen.
3. Select System150-DisplaySettings028 to confirm your selection and you will be returned to the disclaimer screen in the language you selected.