New Implement Setup

Creating/Loading an Implement Profile

Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_1 to access the Implement Setup screen.

This screen allows you to adjust the swath width, the inline offset, the implement offset and the implement width.

You may select between the four implement types listed below:

  • Rigid
  • Header
  • Pivot
  • Double-Pivot

The tractor icon on the screen changes depending on the selected implement type.

System150 GX-45_New Implement_FIG 27

Implement Setup Screen

1. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_2 (Figure 6-27) to create a new Implement Setup.
2. Press System150 GX-45_New Implement_3 to choose a previously saved implement setup.

3. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_4 to enter the Swath Width.

4. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_5 to enter the Overlap value. Positive value for overlap and negative value for underlap.

5. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_6 to enter the Implement rear offset. An offset to the rear of the fixed wheel is positive and to the front is negative.

6. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_7 to enter the Inline Offset. An offset to the left of the centerline is negative and to the right is positive.

7. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_8 to enter the Trailer Offset. This option is only available when Double-Pivot is selected as the Implement Type.

Refer to Appendix D for schematics showing you how to take the above measurements for all the implement types.

8. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_9 to accept the settings.


Setting Up a New Implement

System150 GX-45_New Implement_FIG 28

1. Select New (Figure 6-27) to enter the New Implement Type screen (Figure 6-28).

2. Select the Implement Type. In Figure 6-28, the arrow next to Rigid is blue indicating that Rigid is the currently selected implement type.

3. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_9 to confirm your selection.

System150 GX-45_New Implement_FIG 29

4. You can enter a new implement name or use the generated name. Since the Rigid Implement Type was selected, the default generated name is ‘Rigid’.

Refer to Appendix A, Page A-9 and A-10 for instructions on using the Alphanumeric pad.

5. Select System150 GX-45_New Implement_9 to confirm your entered name. You be returned automatically to the Implement Setup screen.