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AGCO Machine Data Statement

January 30, 2018

Types of Data AGCO Collects | How AGCO Collects Machine Data? | Who Can Access Machine Data? | How Machine Data is Used? | Who Can Access My Machine Data and why? | Data Security| Transfer of Data to Other Countries and AGCO Suppliers | Policies of Third Parties | Changes to this Statement | How to Contact Us

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1. Types of Data AGCO Collects

AGCO Corporation and its affiliates (collectively “AGCO”) collect “Machine Data”. Machine Data is any data generated by, collected by, stored in, or sent from/to your equipment or any hardware or device interfacing with your equipment (collectively “Equipment”). Machine Data may include data used for a variety of different purposes including, but not limited to, agronomic decision making, machine health and performance monitoring, and logistics coordination. Examples of Machine Data include location, engine RPM, average fuel consumption, instantaneous yield, target population, as-applied rate, and fault codes. Machine Data may qualify as Personal Data as defined in our Privacy Statement if we associate it with an identified or identifiable natural person.  If Machine Data qualifies as Personal Data under the applicable AGCO Privacy Policy, then AGCO shall follow both this Statement and the applicable Privacy Statement to the extent possible. Should there be any conflict between the terms of this Machine Data Statement and the applicable Privacy Statement respective to processing of Personal Data then the terms of the applicable Privacy Statement shall prevail.

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2. How AGCO Collects Machine Data

Equipment with a telematics or other data recording systems such as a task controller periodically record data from the Equipment’s various electronic networks and sensors and transfer the data over a communications networks, such as a cellular connection to an AGCO back office system. Dealers or other service providers may also use an electronic diagnostic tool to directly connect to Equipment and retrieve Machine Data, such as data about Equipment health and operational history, and that data may be transferred to AGCO.Equipment configured with a task controller can log data from the various electronic networks and sensors on Equipment into a work record or task file as well as execute a work order task file sent to the Equipment. This task file is then transferred over a communications network to a connected FMIS (Farm Management Information System) or other software system. Additionally, a task file may be sent over a communications system to a machine for execution in the field. A task file may be a simple setup file transferring basic information from the FMIS to the Equipment, or could be a variable rate prescription map or other work order.During diagnosis and repair Equipment may be connected to an electronic diagnostics tool. This tool may collect data from the machine and transmit it to AGCO.

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3.     Who Can Access Machine Data
AGCO does not use or share any Machine Data without consent. For Equipment configured with a telematics system, affirmative consent must be obtained for each machine.  Without such consent AGCO will not be able to aggregate, analyze or use Machine Data other than for purposes to enable website or other system functionality for you. If you do elect to share data and provide consent, then Machine Data may be used for the purposes outlined below in section 4. Also, if you elect not to share Machine Data with AGCO or your AGCO Dealer then you may be unable to receive certain products or services whose functionality depends on access to such data.
For Equipment configured with TaskDoc Pro or VarioDoc Pro, AGCO does not use, nor request access to the data stored within Task Files. AGCO systems facilitate the transfer of Task Files between your Equipment and the connected software system. AGCO does not use the data within the Task Files except to monitor the Task File transfer process and to provide meta data about the file within the Task Data Exchange Server or Go-Task app interfaces.

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4.     How Machine Data is Used

AGCO uses Machine Data for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to:

    1. Service and Software Development or Delivery: to provide services to you through AGCO-certified dealers based on Machine Data, to develop software tools and functionalities enabling services or tools based on the analysis of machine generated data;
    1. Product and Customer Support: to provide services such as machine monitoring, service scheduling, and extended warranties or service contracts. As well as machine or service upgrades and subscriptions and general machine diagnostics and repairs;
    1. Machine Improvements and Product Development: to understand common machine use and operation techniques, normal hours of use in season, average ambient or field conditions for machine operation, and other data pertinent to developing requirements for future machine improvements or redesigns;
    1. Marketing: to provide offers and general communication from AGCO, our dealers, partners or suppliers based on location and operational characteristics to the extent provided by applicable laws;
    1. Qualification: to determine whether you are eligible for certain products, services or offers;
    1. AGCO’s Normal Business Operation: to manage AGCO business operations such as payments, subscriptions, product development, product safety, contract management, analytics, fraud prevention, corporate governance, reporting and legal compliance, and to establish, exercise or defend legal claims;
    1. Studies and Promotions: to administer studies, surveys, polls, feedback, sweepstakes, contests, customer programs and other marketing promotions or events.

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5.     Who can access my Machine Data and why?

AGCO understands that you may not want us to share Machine Data with third parties for their own purposes. We limit our sharing of Machine Data as follows:

We may share Machine Data with our affiliated companies primarily including the different regional AGCO entities, AGCO dealers, or partner companies we work with to provide services or develop hardware components or software tools as outlined in the purposes above.

In the course of normal business operations, we may disclose Machine Data including but not limited to the purposes of sale or transfer of business assets, to protect our own rights, property or safety or the rights, property or safety of others, to enforce our rights, as well as to support external audits for corporate compliance and governance functions. Also in the event of official requests from law enforcement agencies we may be required to disclose Machine Data by law.

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6.     Data Security

AGCO uses a data security process that contains various controls that are designed to reasonably safeguard Machine Data. For example, we use industry-standard authentication and authorization systems to ensure only authorized users have access to your accounts.

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7.     Transfer of Data to Other Countries and AGCO Suppliers

AGCO Corporation is headquartered in the United States of America but has affiliates located throughout the world. Machine Data may be accessed by or transferred between AGCO affiliate locations for the purposes described in this Statement. When we access or transfer Machine Data, we do so in compliance with applicable law. Additionally, we protect the privacy and security of Machine Data, regardless of where it is processed or stored.

AGCO also works with third parties to support or provide our products and services, such as data storage and processing. These companies are located throughout the world so in the course of normal operations data may be transferred internationally. We will ensure that they are contractually bound to abide by AGCO security requirements.

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8.     Policies of Third Parties

This Statement only addresses the use and disclosure of data by AGCO. AGCO enables our customers to share their data with various companies and organizations that store, process, and analyze Machine Data independent of AGCO systems. These third parties have their own data policies that govern how your data will be managed within their systems. Several of these companies’ products are offered through AGCO distribution channels but are governed under those companies’ privacy policies and statements. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the privacy statements provided by all third parties prior to providing them with information or taking advantage of an offer or promotion.

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9.     Changes to this Statement

From time to time, we may update this Statement to reflect new or different practices.  Each statement or policy will be posted to the AGCO website including the date of last change. Additionally, if there are any changes to this statement or other related documents users will be notified the next time they log into an AGCO system that is covered under any applicable End User License Agreement, this Machine Data Statement or applicable the Data Privacy Policy.

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10.  How to Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about our practices or this Statement. You can reach us online at You can reach us via mail directed to:   ATTN: Data Privacy & Security AGCO Corp. 4205 River Green Parkway Duluth, GA 30096 alternatively, you may visit the “Contact Us” link for the contact information for the country where you are located.

Last updated: 30/01/2018