Field Preparation & Planting

When it comes to field preparation and planting, timing is everything. Having fields ready for planting and getting the seed in the ground at the right depth and spacing is critical. There is no time for downtime.

Fuse Connected Services from your AGCO dealer helps you monitor vehicle and implement health to ensure sure everything is ready to go when needed, throughout the planting season.

Auto-Guide™, Auto-Guide 3000 and Fendt VarioGuide help minimize overlap and skips, reducing time and fuel used in the field as well as reducing equipment wear. AGCO guidance systems enable the planter or drill to apply the seed in the right place and at optimal row spacing, minimizing wasted inputs and missed areas of the field. The Wayline Converter Tool improves the portability of automatic guidance data, allowing growers to save time and effort when using multiple brand guidance products.

Section control automatically turns the planter or sprayer sections on and off to eliminate over-application of fertilizers and other inputs. Section control helps improve yield at point rows by eliminating overlap, saving not only seed and other inputs, but also reducing unnecessary competition for nutrients, water and sunlight as crops grow.

Gain added piece of mind and save money with the Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor, an acoustic sensor that functions like a stethoscope to detect blockages or reduced seed flow anywhere on your implement.

VarioDoc and TaskDoc® task file management systems receive planned work orders including variable rate prescription files as well as create detailed records of jobs in each field. All data is transferred securely and sent directly to your FMIS program.

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