Wireless Blockage and Flow Monitor

Say goodbye to dust-covered optical sensors. The wireless blockage and flow monitor is an acoustic sensor that functions like a stethoscope to detect blockages or reduced seed flow anywhere on your implement. If there’s a blockage or even a decrease in flow, anywhere in the system, you’ll know.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain added peace of mind by knowing instantly if a run plugs
  • Save money by reducing plugged openers as quickly as possible
  • Focus on your operation by letting the wireless blockage and flow monitor notify you if there are problems

The wireless blockage and flow monitor is available on select AGCO machines (Sunflower) as part of the joint venture between AGCO and Appareo Systems, known as Intelligent Ag Solutions or IAS. View customer testimonials and learn more by visiting http://www.intelligentag.com/.

This product is available for select AGCO machines and non-AGCO machines. Contact your local dealer for availability in your area.