Wayline Converter Tool

Automatic guidance was one of the earliest and most adopted precision technologies on the farm, yet one problem has persisted for years: the inability to transfer guidance data from one brand of machine to another. The result was inaccuracy and inefficiency.

Connecting Mixed Fleets and the Crop Cycle

The Wayline Converter Tool improves the portability of automatic guidance data, allowing growers to save time and effort when using multiple brand guidance products.

The tool enables farmers and contractors to easily convert straight waylines and boundaries between AGCO and 3rd party guidance systems. The web-based tool can interpret AGCO (VarioGuide, Auto-Guide™ and Auto-Guide™ 3000), John Deere, Topcon, CNH, Trimble and ISOXML file formats.

The Wayline Converter Tool was developed by FarmFacts, an associated company of BayWa AG. Click here to visit the FarmFacts website to start the registration process and to understand the FarmFacts terms of use*.

* Your license agreement to use the Wayline Converter Tool is with FarmFacts. AGCO is not liable for any data errors or inaccuracies that may arise. Contact your local dealer for more information about availability and promotions in your area.