AgCommand® is AGCO’s pioneering telemetry tool and is one of the key enabling technologies powering Fuse Connected Services. AgCommand is available at multiple levels of service. Whether you opt for self-monitoring in Level 1 or take full advantage of your dealer’s expertise in Level 2 and beyond, AgCommand helps you minimize downtime and run your operation more efficiently.

Features of the new and improved AgCommand include:

  • Customizable and pre-populated vehicle and engine information→Determine when machines are idle, stopped or in need of service
  • Automated, actionable, near real-time alerts→Identify problems so you can act fast
  • Prioritized notifications→Tackle the most critical needs first
  • Pre-populated service and maintenance intervals→Eliminate guess work and improve overall machine health and resale value
  • Machine geofencing→Enhance fleet security and reduce theft
  • Coverage where you need it→Broader geographic coverage via both GSM, 3G and CDMA networks
  • The new AgCommand tool is fully accessible via your web browser. Look for more mobility and optimization features in 2017.

The AgCommand tool not only provides the value of being connected to your machine’s data, but it also provides the intelligence and functionality to deliver value in your machine’s performance, logistics, uptime and efficiency. Click each section below to view sample reports and features, to learn how AgCommand can benefit your operation:


Product features are subject to brand and regional availability. Contact your local dealer for more information.

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